Being Human USA 3.06 Whats Blood Got To Do With It? REVIEW

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Being Human USA 3.06 “What’s Blood Got To Do With It?” TV REVIEW

Episode 3.06
Writer: Kate Burns
Director: Mairzee Almas

THE ONE WHERE Two of the housemates lose their souls.

VERDICT Season three has yet to hit the heights of last year, but it’s turning out to have a solid 3.5 average, which is no bad thing. We’re yet to see that “Wow!” episode, though this week has been stronger than most.

A member of Sally’s family turning up was bound to happen eventually, but when Sally sees him, we feel more for her, than for him, despite his impending doom. He’s lightly-sketched, and it was always going to be difficult to feel much for someone introduced purely for the purpose of making a regular character suffer.

It’s always nice to see Bishop, and the flashback scenes where he turns Aidan were beautifully done, despite Bishop’s… unusual faux English accent. Not Irish-Angel bad, but bad enough.

The comedy in this week’s episode comes from Aidan and Bubble Boy (Kevin), whose blossoming friendship hasn’t been hurt at all by Aidan’s vampiric transformation last week. Bubble Boy wants Aidan to turn him on his eighteenth birthday, and says he’ll be leaving the bubble then, whatever the consequences. Aidan – unsurprisingly – isn’t keen.

Two strong twists in the storyline this week. Erin poisons Aidan’s capsules of blood with her own werewolf blood – apparently, Liam has made her part of his pack, presumably with all the protection that affords. And Sally – in a bid to prevent her brother from dying – has sold her soul to our friendly neighbourhood witch. She can now interact with anyone from her past, safely, but when she dies, the witch gets her soul. What this means in practical terms is yet to be defined, and hopefully we’ll get to know the potential consequences – a mere “I own your soul, now” is too nebulous a threat to mean anything. Still – a promise of interesting things to come…

Kevin: “Can you step over to the sunlight one last time?”
Aidan: “Why?”
Kevin: “I want to see if you sparkle.”


Bishop (after turning Aidan): “Go, then. But you won’t find friends – you’ll find dinner.”

Lee Harris

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