BBC iPlayer gets revamped everywhere... but launches first on PS3

BBC iPlayer on PS3 should be awesome, but it hasn't been. From personal experience, the interface up until now has been unintuitive, the presentation poor and the streaming itself frankly awful compared to iPad, PC or pretty much any other device you could name running over the same connection. But no longer! There's a new version of iPlayer out today, being premiered on PS3. And it's looking a lot better.

For starters, it now remembers what you were doing the last time you looked at the service. It also recommends new shows based on what you watch and you can also programme in your favourites to streamline the whole experience. As if that wasn't enough, there's a better search function too, and you can even browse for new programmes to watch while the one you're watching is still playing. Woop!

Above: Wonder if all the F1 races will be available in full on iPlayer after next season? Or just half of them...

We haven't been able to try the new iPlayer yet, but it could well be a significant leap forward. Incidentally, don't expect the new-look iPlayer to stop at PS3. Apparently, the team behind it is looking to bring the experience to more machines soon, from set-top boxes to smart TVs. In fact, the BBC has even said it wouldlove to bringiPlayer to Xbox 360. Hmmm…

Want to see it in action? Let a man from the Beeb (Gideon Summerfield) talk you through it on PS3:

So, quite literally watch this space… and enjoy doing so a whole lot more than you used to.

08 Aug, 2011

Justin Towell

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