BattleZone Cheats

BattleZone Cheats

  • PSP | Submitted by Davey Jonas


    Go to options, then go to the cheat menu

    L1, Left, Right, square, triangle, R1 - always invisible
    L1, sqaure, triangle, Right, triangle, R1 - Insta gib
    Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left - max players
    Triangle, L1, square, square, Right, Left - Mortar only
    start, Right, Left, select, Right, sqaure - no auto heal
    sqaure, Right, triangle, Right, R1, L1 - pick up double time
    Right, Right, Left. square, R1, L1 - Team special recharge
    Left, R1, L1, triangle, Right, square - unlimited ammo

    If you enter a cheat correctly you should hear a sound or something.