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Battlestations: Pacific

Bigger explosions, glassier waters, and a meatier campaign: These are just some of the targets Eidos is aiming for with Battlestations: Pacific - and we’ve got theimages and videoto prove it. Scroll on for explosively exclusive plane pics and some never-before-seen footage of Force Z, a ragtag Royal Navy battle fleet whose losses marked the end of the days when the battleship ruled the seas.

Above: A formidable formation of fighters approaches the Royal Navy

Battleships: Busy being sunk since Milton Bradley’s 1940s board game

But this follow-up to Battlestations: Midway isn’t all about the eye candy.
Battlestations: Pacific’s main draw is still the series’ unique blend of action and strategy. At one moment, you’ll be manning an anti-air turret on a battleship, swatting down waves of Kamikaze fighters. In the next, you might be barreling through the skies in a fighter plane or bombing an enemy cruiser to smithereens.

Besides the option to control each of your individual units directly, you’ll also be able to issue sweeping commands to your forces like a real-time strategy.

Above: We love dirty details. Check out the grime on the camera

Above: When you’re not directly controlling your units, you can jump to the map for some RTS action

Battlestations: Pacific is scheduled to set sail for the 360 and PC this April. Expect more details on how this sequel holds up to Battlestations: Midway as its release date draws nearer. In the meantime,head herefor more exclusive screenshots of the Force Z battle fleet in action.

Feb 17, 2009