Next Battlefield rumors point to single-player mission names & multiplayer classes

A Twitter user, who seems to have accurately predicted the name of the next Battlefield and its setting a day before the major leaks, has gone on to share a list of its single-player mission titles. Assuming these are accurate, we're technically in minor spoiler territory, so proceed with caution.

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All those titles are fairly self-explanatory; chances are the first chapter would have some aerial moments with either zeppelins or biplanes. The one that tripped me up at first was "Avanti Savoia". That was apparently an Italian warcry referring to the Savoy royal family of Italy, which was officially deposed in 1946 (the name is now used by a seller of fine olive oils). Italy entered World War 1 on the side of the Allies in 1915, so perhaps that chapter shows your character getting some help from the Italian military.

The same leaker also indicated that the new Battlefield will include "class-specific missions" in multiplayer, and that those classes will be Assault, Medic, Scout, and Support. Medic was one of the original Battlefield classes, though healing and reviving duties have been rolled into the frontline Assault class ever since Battlefield 3. Breaking medics back out into their own unit type would be yet another retro turn for the franchise.

We'll find out actual, official details when the Battlefield premiere livestream begins at 1 pm PDT / 9 pm BST.

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