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Battalion Wars 2 review

Finally, a decent action game that's online

Multiplayer is this game's saving grace, and doubtless the core part of the game with which most players will spend the greatest amount of time. Three modes are available, most of which revolve around wanton destruction. In multiplayer, each player only has control of certain units, which ups the strategy factor by forcing players to cooperate. In one session, we had control of grunts, flames and light tanks, while our partner had his own set of troops. Since the only unit able to make a dent in a tank's armor is our pal's bazooka squad, we had to call it out and hope he decides to obey the request. Pressing 2 accepts such a request made by another player - a simple addition that makes teamwork much, much easier (though voice chat would have been better).

Graphically, Battalion Wars 2 is a fun, colorful romp, though given the Wii's hardware, player shouldn't expect too much. Sunsets paint beaches and oceans gorgeous shades of orange, while thunderstorms snap and crackle overhead as players charge through the overgrowth toward one objective or the other. The game is pretty, but not too much of an improvement over the GameCube original.

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DescriptionDespite its overly complex control scheme, Battalion Wars 2 becomes immensely enjoyable after learning its ins and outs.
US censor ratingTeen
Release date29 October 2007 (US), (UK)