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Batman Voted Readers' Number One Superhero!

In a public vote of the 50 greatest comic book heroes, DC's Caped Crusader comes out top

Surely no surprise to comic fans, Batman - the Gotham crime fighter who celebrates his 75th anniversary next year - came top in a recent poll run on this website recently.

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The top five superheroes in the poll organised here by our sister title Comic Heroes is:

5/ Iron Man
4/ Wolverine
3/ Spider-Man
2/ Superman
1/ Batman

Editor of Comic Heroes Presents: Superheroes! is Will Salmon, and he said: "Well, I think we all saw that coming! In the end, Batman won with more than twice as many votes as Superman. Obviously the recent Christopher Nolan films have helped raise his profile, but I also think that it's because - even at 74 years old - he's more in tune with the times than ever before. He's not a clean-cut hero. He screws up, makes mistakes and has a whole slew of problems to deal with. But he always tries to do the right thing, and fight injustice. Plus he's smart, rich, handsome and has the best outfit. Yeah, he's pretty cool, that Bruce Wayne."

To find out the rest of the top 50, and to read articles and interviews about all of them, check out the packed 164-page celebration today! Either find it in your local bookstore or newsagent now, or choose one of these methods:

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