Telltale's Batman will let fans explore the "life and mind of Bruce Wayne"

By Sam Prell and Louise Blain

Telltale Games is adding Batman to their library of properties adapted to episodic video games. That's right, a Batman Telltale game is on the way for 2016.

No official title was given but Telltale says that the game will "give fans a first-hand opportunity to dive deeper into the complex life and mind of Bruce Wayne, the duality of his own identity, and the struggle of responsibility in saving a city overcome with corruption and villainy."

So while we don't have a title, what we do have is that Bat symbol, which is rather interesting. Taking a look at the chart below from DesignYouTrust, we can see that the symbol looks like a mash up of the 1966 Batman TV show and Batman Chronicles from 1977. Add in the noir tellings of the above teaser and we're looking at possibly a much more old school Bat-tale. Given that Telltale isn't going to be having us taking down goons a la Arkham Knight, the idea of a pulpy Bruce Wayne focussed noir will do just nicely thanks.

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