Batman, Batgirl, and a boot stop by Batman Secret Files: The Signal first look

Batman Secret Files: The Signal #1
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Update: DC has released first look pages from July 6's Batman Secret Files: The Signal #1, the first of what's now a series of monthly 40-page Batman Secret Files that continues with Batman Secret Files: Huntress #1 on July 27 and then Batman Secret Files: Clownhunter #1 on August 17. 

The Signal special is written by Tony Patrick in his return to the character after the 2017 Batman and The Signal limited series. Patrick is joined by artist Christian Duce and cover artists Ken Lashley and Cully Hamner.

"After his time as a member of the Outsiders, Duke Thomas, a.k.a. The Signal, returns home to be the daytime guardian of Gotham City," reads DC's description of the special. "But during his time away everything has changed, including those closest to him. And with a deadly influx of weapons being trafficked into Gotham by the mysterious White Market, the Signal enters a brand-new world of danger in his hometown, one that will push him farther away from everything he knows!"

Duke may be entering a brand-new world, but the first look pages feature a pair of familiar faces, including Batman of course, and Cassandra Cain - Orphan, these days calling herself one of the Batgirls. 

Check out the pages below and keep scrolling for more on these specials. 

Original story follows

DC's Dark Knight-adjacent series Batman Secret Files is returning this summer for a series of 40-page one-shots highlighting members of the Bat-family - beginning with the Signal and Huntress.

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In the debut issue, Batman & The Signal co-writer Tony Patrick goes solo with a Signal story drawn by Christian Duce that brings the Batman protégé back to Gotham City for the first time since he joined up with the Outsiders.

"But during his sabbatical from his hometown, everything about the city and the people closest to him changed," reads DC's description of Batman Secret Files: The Signal #1. "And the mystery of the White Market, a deadly source of weapons being trafficked into Gotham City that even Batman can't track down, will only push the Signal further away from everything he knows and into a brand-new world of danger."

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In the second one-shot Detective Comics' Mariko Tamaki gets an inspired pairing with artist David Lapham for a solo Huntress story that finds the hero getting an actual metahuman ability.

"Huntress has been through a LOT lately...including her brain being invaded by a violent parasite bent on sending her on a deadly slugfest," reads DC's description of Batman Secret Files: Huntress #1. "If that wasn't enough, now she has to deal with enhanced abilities too, thanks to a villain by the name of Vile. This parasite has given her the ability to see through the eyes of his victims and this is not her idea of a good time! Huntress isn't one to be played with, and she's on the hunt for Vile, with a crossbow bolt with his name on it!"

DC did not reveal how many issues of Batman Secret Files one-shots are planned - the publisher describes it as a "monthly" series, although the first two issues both come out in July. 

"This July, DC launches Batman Secret Files, a new monthly series of one-shots featuring Batman's partners in crimefighting," reads DC's description. "In this series, Bat-fans will see new adventures in Gotham City, exploring the deep bench of heroes the Dark Knight has inspired."

Two more covers to the first two issues follow:

Batman Secret Files: The Signal #1 goes on sale on July 7, with Batman Secret Files: Huntress #1 following on July 27.

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