Band together in Guitar Hero II

If you've been to any party in the past eight months that was even remotely gaming related, you've experienced the make-me-a-rock-star awesomeness of Guitar Hero. The sequel's coming in November, and to help you make it through the summer, we've grabbed footage of the brand new co-op mode.

First up was Van Halen's take on "You Really Got Me," which puts player two on bass guitar. Normally you can choose what type of virtual guitar you want to play (and this demo does have Les Pauls, SGs, and Explorers in a few new finishes), but right now, the only bass in Guitar Hero II's world is a black Music Man Stingray - not a Gibson brand, as was the case in the original game.

As we pressed on through Kiss' "Strutter" and "Psychobilly Freakout" by Reverend Horton Heat, the shared Star Power meter became both a boon and curse. To activate your crowd-winning powers, you both have to strike a pose at the same time... but you're so busy playing notes that synchronizing that action results in "Wait, now? Like right now? Now!"

But we're just whining for the sake of it. Check out the movies tab and catch a glimpse of us shredding (and, sadly,sucking) inNovember's rocking-est party game.

June 20, 2006