Back 4 Blood has snuck in some classic meme references

Back 4 Blood
(Image credit: Warner Bros. )

Back 4 Blood has some excellent references buried within its new beta.

Just below, you can see a Twitter user chronicling a selection of the Back 4 Blood in-game sprays, as of earlier today on August 6. It turns out that these sprays are perhaps not-so-subtle references to things such as Roll Safe, aka the guy tapping head meme, The Muppets, and other pop culture cornerstones, like Nick Young looking incredibly confused. 

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If you're unfamiliar with the in-game sprays, they're cosmetic rewards you can unlock through the Supply Lines in the Back 4 Blood beta. You can take Supply Points earned through playing the co-op campaign and other game modes, and spend them to unlock cosmetic rewards through one of several item tracks.

This, along with other cosmetics and player upgrades like the card system, is where the sprays seen above come from. It adds a nice little personal touch to each character, as you otherwise wouldn't really know a lot about the people you're running and gunning through the zombie hordes with.

If you're still looking to get in on the Back 4 Blood beta, there's still time. Right now, anyone who pre-orders any version of the game will get early access to the beta, which is running on right now until August 9. Alternatively, you can wait until August 12, when the beta will open up to everyone, regardless of pre-orders, until a few days later on August 15. There's still a few chances to get access to Turtle Rock's zombie-slaying shooter before it launches later this year on October 12.

For more on entering the beta, head over to our guide on how to get a Back 4 Blood beta code for more.

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