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This awful, ridiculous, bewildering and offensive video may actually show genuine Halo 4 multiplayer

A video has appeared on the internet, claiming to show Halo 4 multiplayer footage. However, it's either a) fake, b) real but awful, or c) totally real, totally planned and totally approved by Microsoft but made to look crap to turn it into a cheeky viral. However, we can't see how it could be c), thanks to the offensive nature not only of the lyrics in the 'rapping' that's been dubbed over the the top of the YouTube video, but of everything to do with it. Here it is, then - be warned, it's all kinds of bad.

The audio is too loud. The game footage is playing off a VHS recording through a standard definition television. In a barn. In the dark. It's got a tongue-in-cheek run-down of the NDA which says something about Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave guitarist). It doesn't make any sense. However - the game that's shown does make sense, especially if you know your Halo.

The sprint is longer than usual. The railgun is new. The weapon change is authentic but faster. In short, everything here looks like it would do if footage were taken from a multiplayer beta of Halo 4 and then played back in standard def via a VHS cassette. Best of all? 343 Industries is currently holding an internal (closed) multiplayer beta. If footage is likely to be leaked from anything, it would be from that.

The pieces fit, although we have no idea what the bear is about. Or the 'music', for that matter. Or the barn, or the straw, or the VHS... OK, in truth, none of it makes sense to our brains. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Kotaku (opens in new tab)

Justin Towell
Justin Towell

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