Avatar has been seen!

Beautiful Scene

“The most beautiful scene follows directly after the one I've described above. When Jake wants to take his torch with him, Neytiri takes it from him and throws it in the river.

“Like magic, the flowers and plants – even the grassy soil - begin to glow in the night. The beauty completely takes my breath away. Meanwhile we get to learn more about Neytiri and her people. Mysterious flowing and glowing seeds from a mystic tree appear out of nowhere. To Neytiri's surprise Jake attracts them. She has a look in her eyes like he's the 'chosen one.' And of course she's right. Jake has to lead the Na'Vi into battle against the massive army of Colonel Quaritch.

“In the next scene we meet the Banshees. The Na'Vi ride these fierce looking creatures when they hunt. After some exposition, where Neytiri explains to Jake that a Banshee first has to respect you, before you can ride it, she takes flight and another gorgeous scene unspools.”

It certainly sounds impressive, even if we haven’t had a chance to view it with our own eyes, and we’re sure the ‘net will scream “studio plant” trying to drum up extra feverish anticipation.

We want to see it for ourselves - now the question is, will there be a tour of the footage, much like studios have done with the likes of Watchmen, Star Trek and Terminator Salvation? Come on JC: you know you need to…

[Source: Comingsoon ]

So: Avatar footage is in the wild. Desperate to see it? Non-plussed?

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