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Xbox Scorpio "looks good specs wise" but you can't play it on the toilet: Twitter reacts to the hardware announcement

The full technical specs for Xbox Scorpio are now out there, and the internet is still figuring out what to make of them. Microsoft says it will be able to play truly 4K games at a high, stable framerate, and even improve performance for Xbox 360 and current Xbox One titles, but it only showed the system running a prototype built on the latest Forza engine. And this is what tends to happen when non-technical people (like myself) try to interpret what words like "teraflops" mean for gaming.

Others are impressed by the hardware but are withholding judgment until Microsoft reveals more games to take advantage of it.

Speaking of making games, here's an early Scorpio assessment from Rami Ismail of Nuclear Throne studio Vlambeer.

And one from The Swindle creator Dan Marshall.

Last up are a few observations about the Scorpio's early feature list.

Vaping jokes aside, there's definitely some cautious optimism for Xbox One Project Scorpio - it looks like quite a powerful system, and better hardware is an important part of making better games. Unfortunately, we'll probably have to wait until E3 to find out more about that last part.

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