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Here's a template to help you make Xbox One backgrounds - photoshop responsibly

If you're looking for a way to spice up your new Xbox One dashboard, Microsoft has something that might help: a downloadable .psd image template featuring all the buttons and icons in the New Xbox Experience so you can create your own custom background. Just make sure to keep it classy when you piece your creation together; lookin' at you, xXx420ThongSongSniperxXx.

Although custom background images have been supported for a while, the template helps them look more professional, like they were made for the system. If you're looking for art to use, want to show off your creations, or get help from others, there's a whole subreddit dedicated to Xbox One wallpapers. And if you're totally new to this whole wallpaper customization thing, Microsoft has a simple how-to process that will walk you through it.

I've had a simple Destiny-themed background for some time now, but this might inspire me to change things up. I'm thinking … birds with arms? Yeah, birds with arms.

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