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Wow, Nintendo just made a dick joke

Nintendo's wholesome, family friendly image apparently doesn't extend to my Inbox, where this morning I found an email asking me a rather personal question - "What would you like 93% bigger?" What indeed.


The video links to aNintendo-hosted surveyof a bunch of people in Los Angeles. Naturally their answers are squeaky clean and fit well within Nintendo's audience, but I really would like to know how many they had to edit out. You can check theFacebookandTwitterlinks as well. In case you're wondering, this is all in preparation for the launch of the Nintendo DSiXL, which is, obviously, 93% bigger than the Lite.

The XL lands March 28 in the US for $189.99. It's luxuriously large, perfect for playing DS at home and anytime you're going to be bound to one location. On the road, you might want to stick with the sleeker Lite and DSi, but that's part of the plan - the XL isn't meant to replace the old DS units but exist alongside them, offering a new option for playing at home or those whose hands and eyes would vastly prefer something larger than the tiny DS Lite.

March 16, 2010