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A 55-inch 4K TV with HDR for less than $400? It's yours if you hurry

Need a new 4K TV to make the most of your new PS4 Pro or Xbox One X? What's that you say? Yes, but you want it for less than $400? Normally I'd say "good luck" and bid you adieu. But this is Black Friday, and we have the very best Black Friday gaming deals to be found. So you're in luck, friend. Check out this $380 TCL 55-inch 4K TV with HDR on Amazon while it's still in stock:

If right now you're asking yourself, "who is TCL, and are TCL TVs good," fret not. TCL is a China-based company that sells products under the BlackBerry and RCA labels. Samsung (widely known for their excellent TVs) has outsourced panel manufacture of its sets to TCL in the past. And if you're still in doubt, I encourage you to look at that 4.5 star rating with more than 1,000 reviews - whether they're a household name or not, obviously someone out there likes 'em.

Of course, now that you've got yourself a 4K TV, you're gonna want some awesome-looking games to show on it. Why not check out our best Black Friday PS4 deals and best Black Friday Xbox One deals to see what's available?