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What GTA V should learn from Just Cause 2

Just Cause 2 represents that rarest of beasts: an open-world game that’s as comfortable handling small details as it is creating epic scale. Whether you’re admiring the beautiful island of Panau as it effortlessly stretches out beneath you from a helicopter cockpit or standing in a field of flowers while exotic birds buzz around you; the game engine creates a world as believable at ten thousand feet as it is at ground level.

In other words, it beats the shit out of the ageing Liberty City. The bar for sandbox graphics has just been raised. And Rockstar has really got to up its technical game if it wants to catch up.

Above: Be honest, the engine used in GTA IV needs a touch-up

Spider-Man 2 knew this. Crackdown knew this. And Just Cause 2 sure as hell knows the same. Give the player a protagonist who’s as fun to control in the 50th minute as they are in the 50th hour and you’re onto a winner. Admittedly, JC’s Rico is a fairly hateful douche. All corny one-liners and moronic quips; his personality’s about as winning as syphilis.

Thankfully, he’s a blast to control. The core grapple hook/parachute mechanics are balanced perfectly, encouraging you to constantly explore. If GTA can make its next antihero more dynamic and fun to control - presenting the player with more physical hurdles to overcome – we’dstop getting effin’ taxis everywhere.

Above: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

Yeah, seriously; don’t. Somehow, we doubt GTA’s scathing brand of satire is in any danger…

What would you like to see in the next GTA? Do you want Rockstar to keep satirising American culture or would you like a change of venue? Another GTA London, anyone? Hit us up with your thoughts in the comments or via the wonderful world of ourTwitterandFacebookhubs.

Apr 14, 2010