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Wednesday Link-A-Mania

American Horror Story: Coven won two Emmys this weekend , with Jessica Lange taking Lead Actress In A Miniseries Or Movie and Kathy Bates taking Supporting Actress in the same. Otherwise, there was very little in ways of sci-fi this year - despite being the year's most nominated series, Game Of Thrones left without a single award, with even Peter Dinklage’s spectacular year on the show losing to Breaking Bad ‘s Aaron Paul.

Comic sales records have once again been broken by Action Comics No 1 , Superman’s 1938 debut, which originally sold for 10 cents. The comic broke $3.2 million on Sunday night on an eBay auction, as a flurry of last-minute activity between 13 bidders rocketed the pristine copy past the previous record of $2.1 million. Action Comics No 1 is widely credited as the comic that kick-started the superhero industry.

Interstellar , Christopher Nolan’s space-travelling tale of exploration and survival, has a new international trailer . It doesn’t reveal much more than previous trailers already have, but the jumps between earth-bound imagery and the interstellar journey certainly bump up the excitement for Nolan’s inevitable stunner.

Lifetime has ordered a six-episode series to follow the 1976 classic The Omen . Damien, which follows the title character as a now all-grown-up antichrist, will feature a dark, romantic antihero reimagining of Damien as he comes to terms with his evil destiny.

In anticipation for the release of the Batman universe prequel, Gotham , Fox has released 19 minutes of behind-the-scenes specials , with interviews with the stars, writer and creator Bruno Heller ( The Mentalist ), and many others.

Lionsgate has picked up Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new zombie flick, Maggie , for general release following its Toronto International Film Festival premiere next week. The movie follows the touching father/daughter relationship between Schwarzenegger and Abigail Breslin’s Maggie, as the young girl is bitten by a zombie and finds her last comforts in her father and their family farm as she slowly transforms.

Lois Lane has never really escaped Superman’s shadow (even her long-running solo comic book series was titled Superman’s Girlfriend, Lois Lane ), but it looks like she might have her chance now . Leaving her super-powered boyfriend - and the comic book medium as a whole - behind, Lois is leaping into a new young adult novel, Lois Lane: Fallout , THR reports.

Don Glover is getting a run as Spider-Man after all, though maybe not in the format people were clamouring for. In an upcoming episode of US animated TV show Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors , Peter Parker will run into Miles Morales , a Don Glover voiced Spider-Man from the Ultimate Spider-Man comic universe.

Following the death of Richard Attenborough, at age 90, over the weekend, Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow tweeted a bronze statue of Attenborough’s Jurassic Park character Hammond , which looks to have been erected as part of the new Jurassic theme park. Trevorrow tweeted the picture with the words “In Memoriam”.

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