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Webzen announces E3 presence

Korean super-publisher Webzen - it's okay if you don't know them, just be aware that half of Korea worships their games - has announced a sparse, but formidable E3 lineup.

First comes Huxley, an ambitious first-person shooter that drops the player in the middle of a three-way war between the Sapiens, the Alternatives, and the Hybrids - all basically humanoid, only super moreso, we daresay. And with some more beastly or tech-y than the other. We've played first-person shooters before, but this one promises to pit 5000 players against one another in massive, persistent online worlds. So that should be fun.

Above: SUN features some very eye-catching visual design even when the characters are wearing a full set of clothes.

Second, you get SUN, or Soul of the Ultimate Nation. We're in love with the female character model who wears a witch hat and a thong, but we're promised that there will be other things that make the game worth playing as well. For example, the player has a great deal of control over the "instanced" missions that the computer creates for them, choosing party size, monster strength, and even what items the beasts are likely to drop.

Finally, Project Wiki looks to round out the offering, promising a more casual, massively multiplayer gaming experience. The details of how exactly that will work are hazy, but it apparently involves a more lighthearted, whimsicalexperience (possibly even with humor - novel idea there) and greater emphasis on social interaction and teamwork.

We'll have more info on all of these around E3 time, as well as a million or so other titles.

April 26, 2006