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The Ultimate Guide To Sci-fi: Robots And Spaceships on sale now!

Like robots? How about spaceships? If the answer is an emphatic “yes” (and let’s face it, who in their right mind is saying “no”) then you’re in luck because our latest print special edition, The Ultimate Guide To Sci-fi: Robots And Spaceships, is on shelves now!

Across 148 packed pages the minds behind SFX and Total Film celebrate sci-fi’s timeless tech, from False Maria in Metropolis to Poe Dameron’s funky new X-wing in The Force Awakens. There’s exclusive interviews with the likes of Robert Llewellyn and Millennium Falcon designer Roger Christian, in-depth retrospectives, incredible concept art from Ex_Machina, a six step guide to becoming a robot from the choreographer of Humans, countdowns of the top 50 robots and spaceships of all time and some of the coolest spacecraft cutaways in the known galaxy. Available to buy in old-timey print or in futuristic digital formats now!

Buy your iPad version via Newsstand*

Newsstand users: click the link and you’ll be directed to SFX's page in the App Store – once there, install the SFX app, or – if you’ve done that already – hit “Open” to be taken to the SFX storefront. Zinio edition available soon.

Order your print copy from My Favourite Magazines

Or why not do both? Follow the link above to take advantage of our cut-price digital & print bundles and take the mag wherever you go.