TV REVIEW! Bionic Woman 1.08 "Do Not Disturb"

Original US airdate: 28/11/07

Written by: Jason Smilovic

Directed by: Gwyneth Horder-Payton


The One Where: Upset by Antonio’s death, Jaime takes her sister for a spa break, delivering a case full of cash at the same time. When the recipient (a hitman) ODs, Jaime is told to take his assignment: assassinating a nuclear engineer selling secrets to North Korea...

Verdict: A decent episode with enough quirks to keep things interesting. Bionic Woman has more charm when it uses a little humour, and there are some good gags here: when everyone’s reminiscing about Antonio, Ruth suddenly blurts out “I slept with him once, he was amazing”. You can’t help wishing they’d write an episode that made better use of Jaime’s abilities, though. The only things her bionic skills come in handy for here are opening doors - an ordinary girl with a sonic screwdriver could get the job done just as well...

Highlight: The action-filled teaser (in which Jaime chases down a bike-riding bad guy) is unrepresentatively exciting.

LMAO: The pass phrase for Jaime’s contact is the intro from The A-Team!

CHARACTER The previously ruthless Jonas is getting positively soppy, telling Jaime “[Becca]’s lucky she’s got you for a big sister”. Someone’s clearly decided the regulars need to be more cuddly.

COOL TUNES Highlight of this episode: “Lady” by indie-rock duo Two Gallants. Who picks this stuff? Can we put them in charge of the whole show?

Tech-geek Nathan on sex: “I do know that women cry a lot afterwards”.

Richard Edwards

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