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Three Flash games about Japanese people hitting things

Work sucks and your company doesn’t appreciate you. That’s why you should always check this site for ways to shirk your daily duties with fun Flash games. After sharing with you our favorite Flash games aboutspermandpussies, we figured it was time to devote some coverage to another ignored genre in the world of browser-based games: Japanese people hitting things.

Break the Wall

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Thanks to a deep coffee enema, this salary man has the power to plow through the workday with enough energy left over to punch his way through countless walls of ice. Time your clicks carefully to keep the overworked man’s fists flying as he sprints through wall after wall. The animation and music for Break the Wall are great.

Above: Break the Wall is GamesRadar’s Flash pick of the day

Above: The Break the Wall businessman joins the Kool-Aid jug and Vinnie Jones’ Juggernaut as characters whoexcel at smashing through walls

Karoshi: Suicide Salary Man

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In most platform games you’ll find yourself madly hopping and dodging to survive each level. Karoshi: Suicide Salary Man takes a different path and charges you with figuring out how to kill yourself in order to pass each stage. “Karoshi” can be literally translated as death from overwork, and you’ll need to use your wits to help the main character put an end to his misery by impaling yourself on spikes, electrocuting yourself, and crushing your body beneath crates.

Rose %26amp; Camellia

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A classic Flash game about Japanese people hitting things, Rose & Camellia follows the story of a young woman who has married into nobility. After her husband passes away, you’ll need to defend your honor against your hostile relatives by engaging in the “elegant art of feminine conflict.” Time your slaps and dodges quickly to defeat your familial foes who would have you begging on the street.

Mar 15, 2010

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