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There's $10 off these PlayStation Store Gift Cards in Amazon's Cyber Monday deals

PS Store gift card
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There's good news when it comes to savings for PS5 and PS4 gamers - Amazon US is selling $100 Gift Cards for the PlayStation Store for a $10 discount, down to $90 if purchased at the moment as part of their ongoing Cyber Monday gaming deals.

It's a pretty simple deal with not a lot of downsides: digital games, DLC, and more can all be bought on the online PlayStation Store to download to your PlayStation. By effectively buying $100 for $90, you're getting a consequence-free $10 discount on the next hundred bucks you spend with Sony. If you're somebody who does a lot of PlayStation gaming, that's a pretty Cyber Monday gaming deal - and if you buy more than one, it boosts the amount you'll save each time.

It's also worth clarifying that it seems like this is the only PS Store Gift Card it applies to or even the only PS Store Gift Card with any discount at all. So if your budget only stretched as far as a $25 Gift Card, you wouldn't be likely to get one for anything less than its standard price, sorry to say. Cyber Monday gaming deals only go so far.

All the details you need to know on this deal are below, or for ideas on how to spend the card, check out our Cyber Monday PS5 deals to see what's going cheap.

$100 PlayStation Store Gift Card | $100

$100 PlayStation Store Gift Card | $100 $90 at Amazon
Save $10 - This can be redeemed and spent on any product in the Sony PlayStation Store, for games, and movies you can enjoy on either a PS5 or a PS4. 

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