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The Week In Sci-Fi

This week there’s more new telly than you could shake a remote at (if you could find the bloody thing)


The final series of The Sarah Jane Adventures , a fitting tribute to the wonderful Lis Sladen, begins on CBBC at 5:15pm.

All-new time-travelling dino action hits Sky One at 8pm in the form of Terra Nova .

There are more dinos but noticeably less guns in 10,000 BC , 9pm at 5*.

Catch last week's episode of The Fades again tonight at 10:30pm.


Get your Trek on with Star Trek: Insurrection , 6:55pm on Film4.

Clark gets involved in an alternate reality in Smallville , E4 at 9pm.

Take a trip to Bon Temps in True Blood , Channel 4 at 11:10pm.


Top-notch fantasy on BBC Three at 9pm in The Fades .

Get yourself some Fringe season four, Sky One at 10pm.

There are some witchy women in The Secret Circle , 8pm on Sky Living.

There's more Supernatural on Sky Living from 10pm.


Northern horror fans! Keep yoru eyes peeled for Grimm Up North , which is taking place in AMC Cinemas across Manchester until 9 October.

Find a comfy seat and some headphones to enjoy fourth Doctor audio adventure The Broken Crown , out today.

One of the best Trek films going, Star Trek: First Contact crashes on to Film4 at 6:50pm.

Warehouse 13 continues on Syfy from 9pm.

There's a sexy succubus on the loose as Lost Girl returns to Syfy at 10pm.


Gamers, get your Rage on as the new title from id hits Mac, PC, and Xbox360.

Engage your mind-matter and involve yourself with a bit of Peter F Hamilton as his new one, Manhattan In Reverse , arrives in bookstores.

There’s something in the basement in creepy horror Don’t’ Be Afraid Of The Dark , out in cinemas today. Alternatively, Ewan McGregor and Eva Green fall in love as the world loses its senses – literally – in end of the world romance Perfect Sense , also out today.

There's Futurama for all on Sky One at 8pm.

Bruce Willis has a disturbing time in The Sixth Sense , 9pm on Film4.

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones save us all, and look sharp in the process - Men In Black , 9pm on 5*.


American McGee rocks up at at Forbidden Planet London to sign everything in sight today.

Merlin casts a spell over Saturday night, BBC One at 8:05pm.

Greeks go crazy in Clash Of The Titans , Channel 5 5:40pm.

The Martians invade in Mars Attacks , 9pm on Sky One.


Crazy spinning metal takes over Channel 4 at 6:10pm in Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen .

Re-watch on the year's finest shows: Game Of Thrones begins a re-run at 9pm on Sky Atlantic.

Catch up with The Walking Dead before season two hits, 10:50pm on FX.