The sneaky history of stealth games

Sneak King – 2006
Burger King’s insanely creepy stealth game designed specifically for the Xbox 360. Play as the King and sneak up on people… to give them food.

Family Guy – 2006
During Brian the dog’s levels, you need to avoid detection of those searching for you. Don a disguise and memorize the simple guard patterns in this ho-hum cash-in. Did we mention that if you wait too long to move that Brian will piss on something?

Call of Duty 4 - 2007
An extended segment in this war FPS has you crawl through a grassy field while soldiers patrol alongside tanks. One of the tensest missions ever in one of the tensest games.

The Simpsons Game – 2007
More like a parody of every big-name game ever, The Simpsons Game wasn’t terribly well received. However, you’re here for the stealth info. During the “Medal of Homer” mission, you sneak around a French village and take out guards.

Assassin’s Creed - 2007
Parkour across rooftops, blend in with saints, pick pockets and skillfully toss knives at a guard’s jugular. Play as Altair, a skilled assassin in old-school Jerusalem with a new-school futuristic twist.

Crysis – 2007
From the developer of Far Cry 1 comes another island-stealth-superhuman enemy AI. This time you fight Koreans, but that sneaky stuff disappears once you start floating around an alien spaceship.

BioShock – 2007
Playing like a FPS/survival horror hybrid, you’ll need to sneak past security turrets, cameras and the occasional lunatic in an underwater anti-utopia.

Team Fortress 2 – 2007
One of the nine classes in this ultra-popular tactical FPS is the dreaded Spy. Armed with backstabbing knife, invisibility cloak and revolver, the Spy can impersonate anyone on another team and skillfully pick them off one by one. What an asshole.

Vampire Rain – 2007
Do you like Splinter Cell? Do you like Metal Gear? Good. Go play those games and not this “stealth”-based vampire clunker. Terrible.

Dark Sector – 2008
One ability learned later in the game enables you to go all Predator-like (turn invisible) and creep through a laser-filled room. Hell, you can earn an achievement by killing someone this way!

Fallout 3 – 2008
Bethesda’s work from the Elder Scrolls carries over into one of 2008’s best games. Again, you can basically tackle the bombed-to-shit world any way you want, including doing so sneakily.

Feb 3, 2009

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