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The Market review

A small-time Turkish business gets in to all sorts of mess trying to find a new business venture...

Who says English directors are unadventurous?

Following Peter Strickland’s devastating Katalin Varga, made in Hungarian, here’s Ben Hopkins (The Nine Lives Of Tomas Katz) making a film in Turkish – and pungently authentic it feels, too.

In ’90s Eastern Anatolia, small-time black-marketeer Mihram (Tayanç Ayaydin) plans to get into the new mobile phone market – but he needs capital.

A deal to source some scarce medication looks like the break he needs, but he reckons without the local mafia and his own gambling addiction.

Ironic, richly atmospheric and vividly acted, The Market offers a caustic parable of modern-day capitalism at its cutthroat worst.

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