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The crazy, creepy cast of Crackdown 2

After liberation by The Agency from the gangs that terrorized the streets of Pacific City, there was a time of prosperity. However, the peace that the civilians enjoyed was short lived, as the outbreak of a deadly virus ran rampant through the city. The populace was forced to retreat and hide. Some found safer grounds on the outskirts of Pacific City, creating makeshift encampments and dwellings. Still others sought shelter in The Cell fortresses and help the resistance as best they can.

They try to live life as normally as they can by day, retreating to their safe areas by night. The embattled population is learning to survive but their life is a drab shadow of what it used to be. Pacific City deserves better, not to subsist, but to thrive. These citizens need someone to truly come to their aid and save them from a life of danger, poverty and misery.

GR: What do civilians think of your Agent? Will they help or hinder him?

SI: The civilians, as always, are trapped in the middle of warring factions and are too wrapped up in their own survival to help or hinder.

GR: How will these random townsfolk be different from the random townsfolk in every other sandbox game?

SI: The inhabitants of the city are just that, inhabitants, not automatons. You see them live their life as best they can, trying to deal with the perils of the city in its current state. They paint a very vivid picture of life as well as react to all and every action of the player. We have created a very lush sense of life in the city and they are a major part of it.


GR: The city is caught in a struggle between the Agency, the Cell and the Freaks. What’s left for Peacekeepers to do?

SI: An awful lot! The Peacekeepers are no longer, like the civilians, bit part players in Crackdown 2; they are a very important resource that the Agent can call upon. We really have tried to expand the sense of the Agency’s power in Crackdown 2, and the Peacekeepers are a part of it. They are a resource that the Agent can utilize in a number of different ways.

GR: Do they have any weapons, powers, skills that the other groups don’t?

SI: They do indeed. They have access to the same weapons and equipment as the Agent, but they have new means to get around, and a much more active role in the game.

GR: Will we have to worry about the Peacekeepers, at all, or are they basically bullet fodder?

SI: The Peacekeepers are your back up. They are a part of your team - so ideally you, the Agent, should have to protect them. In certain circumstances, you must.

Dec 22, 2009