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The crazy, creepy cast of Crackdown 2

In its pursuit of restoring order and eliminating the gangs from Pacific City, a dangerous virus was accidentally released, which turns citizens into Freaks: violent, mutated abominations. Over the years its spores have spread their horrors through much of the city’s population. At the beginning of this new era, huge masses of Freaks prey on the remaining life forms in Pacific City, the infection has now ravaged the population, and ever-growing masses of Freaks have taken control of Pacific City, posing a serious threat to the civilians, the Cell and the Agency.

Rapidly developing in to a sub-species of their own, the Freaks are equipped with brutal killing genetics that makes them a formidable killing mass. Some Freaks have even evolved to challenge Agents where they used to find safety. At the beginning of this new era, huge masses of Freaks prey on the remaining life forms in Pacific City. During darkness the Freaks are the masters of the City. During the day, all who reside in Pacific City.

GR: What are the Freaks’ powers?

SI: First and foremost unbridled aggression; they just have no fear! Numbers second, the virus has really taken a toll on the population and there are thousands of them. Thereafter, you will see what can happen when genetic engineering goes horribly wrong; hyper strength, agility and newly evolved abilities to spread pain at a distance.

GR: Are there different forms? If so, how do they differ?

SI: There are, and it depends on how long they have been infected. There are around seven stages of infection, each producing a more powerful variant. The initial stages of the infection produce a slow moving Freak with only a rudimentary hand-to-hand attack. On longer exposure, they gain the ability to 'squirt' a toxic secretion and unnatural agility and strength. The longest exposure has given birth to some formidable mutations.

GR: Will the Freaks attack anyone and everyone?

SI: Oh yes, everyone!

GR: How was the virus unleashed on the public?

SI: This is one major bone of contention; everyone is pointing fingers at everyone else about the second phase of the outbreak. You will hear both sides of the story in Crackdown 2. However it was your actions in the initial Crackdown that sowed the seeds of the outbreak.

GR: Can the Agents be infected?

SI: The virus is a 'side effect' of the Agent program, so it's not so much that you can be infected, but as an Agent you already are, albeit with a more benign version of it. However, that is not to say there isn't some collateral from the Agent Program.

GR: What are the best weapons and strategies to use on a Freak?

SI: Well, this is Crackdown so strategy is out. We don't tell you what to do, we haven't planned for specific methods or strategies, we have just filled the city with a myriad of weapons and props for you to define your own style of death and destruction. Weapons on the other hand we have really tried to offer a vast range of types, some of which are tuned for the Freaks.