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The bayou bristles with dark magic in Swamp Thing: New Roots #7

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DC Digital First sinks back into the swamps with June 7’s Swamp Thing: New Roots #7, which presents a pair of tales of the monstrous guardian of the Green, both by Phil Hester and Tom Mandrake.

First up there’s “The Winter Quarters”, which takes Swamp Thing deep into a mystical swamp to encounter bayou spirits and more.

Here’s DC’s description of the story: “Deep in the bayou, Swamp Thing continues to follow the fifolet, despite not knowing the mysterious spirit’s ultimate destination. On his way he encounters a strange and powerful girl locked away in the swamp, with magical friends and a monster at her door.”

Then there’s “The Courser,” also by Hester and Mandrake, another magical tale about Swamp Thing encountering a circus with a dark secret.

Here’s DC’s official description of “The Courser”, also by Hester and Mandrake: “Come one, come all, and watch as the terrifying Swamp Thing attempts to rescue a young boy from the spellbinding snare of a cursed circus!”

As with DC Digital First’s other ongoing daily releases, Swamp Thing: New Roots #7 presents material from DC’s previously print-only Giant specials, consisting of oversized issues that include a new tale and several previously printed stories featuring the title character of the respective issues.

Though he’s something of a cult classic, DC’s horror-oriented Swamp Thing is also, on some level, a household name, with DC Universe previously producing one season of a Swamp Thing TV series that has since been canceled, but has moved to CW for re-airing starting later this year.

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