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Team Rocket boss Giovanni returns in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Good news if you're a fan of the sharp-suited Team Rocket boss Giovanni, because he's set to make an exquisitely tailored return in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, taking a new role as the leader of new organisation Rainbow Rocket. We last saw him in Pokemon Red and Blue.

As you can see from the trailer, Rainbow Rocket - which, frankly, sounds like a sex toy - is made up of a couple of decades of Pokemon villains. Ghetsis of Team Plasma is there, Lysandre of Team Flare, it's basically a support group for Pokemon's biggest a-holes. 

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon will also introduce The Battle Agency, a place where you can hire Pokemon for your battling needs. Win battles with your rented pocket monsters and you'll score  Gold Bottle Caps. The more you battle, the more Pokemon you'll have access to.

 "You’ll see some returning characters from Sun and Moon, including Hau and Lillie, but you’ll see a whole new side of them as you progress through the story of this game," Shigeru Ohmori,  game designer, told us recently. 

The games come with 400 Pokemon to catch, including legendaries like Mewtwo, Ho-Oh and Lugia. Both flavors of Pokemon Ultra will launch on November 17. 

Rachel Weber
Rachel Weber

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