TalkRadar UK #18: End of year Nintendo special

In the lukewarm seats

Bonesof contention

- The DS XL being referred to as the 'orthopaedic shoe of handhelds'
- The highs and lows of 2009 for Nintendo
- Sonic fan-boy attacking Mario-loving Matt Castle at every opportunity
- An interesting games marketing technique involving cats
- What uses the Wii Vitality Sensor might be good for
- Another obscure reference to an olden days children's TV show


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Headphone girls

Okay, so we're down to two image library credits. Unless 'the man' refills the bank for us we're looking at one more girl - and she'll be dressed as a festive elf or something. Don't forget the ladies in headphones forum threadis still bursting with women with cans.

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Post date: Wednesday 9th December 2009
Running time:1:05:01
Music by:Sabrepulse