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StreetPass Plaza adds 4 new games for $5 each

The StreetPass Plaza got much busier for North American 3DS owners today. Nintendo rolled out an update which beefs up the Mii-swapping suite with four new purchasable games, and, of course, dozens of hats.

After performing a system update, players can get the skinny on the new games thanks to a friendly salesbunny (never change, Nintendo). The four titles are sidescrolling shoot-em-up Mii Force, gardening extravaganza Flower Town, feudal conqueror Warrior's Way, and puzzle-tile placing Monster Manor.

Each game rewards progression and performance with tickets. Said tickets can be exchanged for a rotating stock of hats and even a few full-body outfits. They cost $5 individually, or players can nab them all together for $15.

Keep in mind these are StreetPass games, so if you don't tend to encounter many other 3DS owners with which to replenish your shmup arsenal or fill out your feudal armies, you may want to wait for Nintendo's grand access-point update in the fall.

Connor Sheridan
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