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Steve Coogan joins My Idiot Brother


“Knowing me Steve Coogan, knowing you Paul Rudd…A-ha!”…It’s how we’d like to imagine the first day of shooting on My Idiot Brother is going to sound like, as Deadline reports that the comedian has signed on to co-star in the indie comedy.

The film will focus on Rudd’s idealist-cum-slacker, who couch-surfs his way around the homes of his three sisters, causing mayhem as he goes. Directed by Jesse Peretz ( The Ex ) and penned by his sister Evgenia, it looks to be a comedy about family in the vein of Little Miss Sunshine .

The aforementioned sisters are Zooey Deschanel, Emily Mortimer and Elizabeth Banks, whilst Coogan will be playing what Deadline refers to as, “a self-righteous documentary film-maker.” Hmm, Coogan as a deluded, self-aggrandising media-type? Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Coogan’s American adventures have ranged from the underwhelming ( Night at the Museum ) to the inspired (if you haven’t seen his turn as a therapist in Curb Your Enthusiasm , seek it out at once!), but this could be just the vehicle for some scene-stealing shenanigans.

The film will hit screens some time in 2012. Plenty of time to dust off the old green blazer then…

Are Coogan and Rudd a match made in heaven? Or should Steve stick to the small screen?

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