Stargate Atlantis 4.07 Missing review

Original US airdate: 9/11/07

Written by: Carl Binder

Directed by: Andy Mikita


The One Where: Teyla and Keller visit the Athosian village but find it deserted, with a warrior race called the Bola Kai stalking the woods. They find an injured man, Golan, who says the Bola Kai are Wraith worshippers. All three are captured but the Bola Kai chief denies any Wraith allegiance. It's revealed that Golan is the Wraith worshipper, and the Athosians haven't been culled, but he escapes as Sheppard arrives to rescue Teyla and Keller. Later, Keller tells Teyla there's something they need to talk about...

Verdict: I like the way Teyla's relationship is casually dropped in here (it's a bit of a "take that, shippers!" move) and this episode gives us more of an opportunity to get to know Keller. There's some top fight choreography too, but not much special beyond that.

Character: We see a surprisingly dark side to Teyla here – check out her reaction to Keller's terror at having to cross the rope bridge.

Plot Development: Evidently the Athosians don't do contraception: the thing Keller "needs to talk about" with Teyla is the upcoming pregnancy storyline, written around Rachel Luttrell's real-life pregnancy.

Influences: Anyone else find the Bola Kai reminiscent of Firefly's Reavers?

References: The exchange between Ronon and McKay about arrows refers to season three episode "Sateda".

Best Line:
Golan (while Keller holds him at gunpoint) : "You’re a doctor, a healer, not a killer."
Keller: "You’re right, I am a healer. But first I need something to heal." (Shoots Golan in the leg)

Leah Holmes

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