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Soon You Will Really Be Able To Play A Game Of Thrones

Ubisoft to release prequel game for the PC

Games developed Ubisoft will be handling the UK release of A Game of Thrones: Genesis , a real-time strategy title based on the George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice And Fire books. It will cover the events leading up to the smash hit HBO series airing on Sky Atlantic. It will not, however, features likenesses of actors from the show.

Ubisoft’s UK brand manager Ombeline Wallon says: “The saga has a strong following and a committed community – even more so since the start of the TV series. We will ensure they are aware and enthused by the release of the game.”

According to the game’s designer, it will “allow the player to be part of many of the background events in the history of the Seven Kingdoms. It is broken down into chapters running from about 700 years before Aegon’s Landing and going right up to events within the books. This might sound pretentious, but we believe that A Game of Thrones: Genesis is like no other RTS. Obviously, we’ve adapted some of the RTS codes, but gameplay is totally different. It’s a bit like the books in a way. They really are like no other reading experience.”

The game is scheduled for release in September. Visit the official site here .