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Sims 3 announced for consoles: PC owners pout... probably

In news that might surprise, oh, a good fourteen people, EA announced today that the formerly PC exclusive Sims 3 is coming to 360, PS3 and Wii this Autumn. Seeing as the'franchise' is the most successful in gaming history, you could say the little virtual people arriving on next-gen consoles is a big deal. But honestly, we don't know if we really care.

While news that PS3 and 360gamers 'will be more connected than ever before as they share creations, downloadable content and even trophies and achivements by connecting to Facebook' sounds nice and all, you can still tarnish us with the m'eh brush.

Above: Seemingly the console versions of Sims 3 has fridge-worshipping cults. Good to know

Mapping complex RTS controls to pads, even when its trying to get your Sim laid or take a dump, rather than coordinate complex military strategies, is a tricky business. And until we have proof EA can nail this, we'll remain a bit dubious. Although we won't deny the promised 'Karma Powers' that let 'deviant players curse their Sims with an epic fail' sound pretty sweet.

Above: Hmmm, wonder if we can set her ablaze with lighter fluid? No wait... that's Hitman: Blood Money. Dang

Wii owners are also being promised an exclusive beach town, with 'unqiue residents, traits, careers and lifetime wishes'. Of greater interest (well, it's a tiny bit more interesting) are the new 'Life Moments'. This feature will let players earn rewards by putting them up against each other inadventure quests that challenge them to 'explore their town and discover the secrets within'.

Above: Feel free to insert your own borderline-inappropriate-for-work caption here. Just don't drag us down with you

But don't let our jaded ways colour your views. How do you feel about the Sims 3 coming to consoles? Are you so excited you plan to take the rest of the day off and toast the announcement with six or seven beers? Couldn't give a fish's tit? Either way, let us known in the comments section.

Apr 27, 2010