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Sexy new PC Gamer website launches, excitement abounds

It's been a long time coming, but after kicking all kinds of journalistic arse for over 15 years, our sister magazine PC Gamerare finally joining us properin the warm, frothy internet pond, with the launch oftheirnew full-fat website. Come, let us welcome them, for they bring good and excitingthings.

The shiny new PCG site, rather like your beloved Radar, is a co-production between the US and UK magazine teams, intending, as UK Editor and all-round good egg Tim Edwards professes, to show the whole world 'just how fun, silly and smart PC Gamer can be, 24 hours a day'. PCG is indeed all of those things, so we wish them well.

And things are starting off very well indeed. Right now the site is getting ready to kick offa whole week of contentcovering everything to do with Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which they're teasing - and I use the word tenuously - with thismammoth, three-page, minute-by-minute walkthrough of their recent two level demo. Trust us, if you're on the fence about the continuation of this oh so important of PC franchises, you need to check this one out.

And as an added 'Hello internet' bonus, PCG have teamed up with Realtime Worlds to churn out 20, 000 beta keys for the upcoming online cops and robbers caper APB, in the general direction of the site's community. We reckon it'll be a great online hangout, so there's no reason not to get involved from the start. Socheck 'em out, why don't ya?

Long-time GR+ writer Dave has been gaming with immense dedication ever since he failed dismally at some '80s arcade racer on a childhood day at the seaside (due to being too small to reach the controls without help). These days he's an enigmatic blend of beard-stroking narrative discussion and hard-hitting Psycho Crushers.