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Sea of Stars is a retro-inspired RPG set in The Messenger's universe

If you loved Sabotage's The Messenger, you'll want to get your credit card out to help back it next game, Sea of Stars. The studio just launched a crowdfunding campaign to help get its take on the classic RPG genre made and, best of all, it has adorable monkeys in. 

Players can choose to play as one of two Children of the Solstice - Valere the Moongirl and Zale the Sunboy - but you'll need to join forces to use their powers to survive in the world of monsters and a big bad called Fleshmancer. Think turn-based combat, exploration and adventure, all with the power of the sun and moon at your disposal. 

The game's creative director Thierry Boulanger said the studio has chosen Kickstarter not because the team is opposed to having a publisher, but because it was reinvesting all its The Messenger money into this new game. "We don't care to buy boats, we care to make games with our friends," he says with a laugh.  

"What we're really looking for with this Kickstarter is to get validation from either our fans or newcomers who are interested in that genre. We just want to see enough people validating that this is a good idea and it's something that there will be people to play it in the end."

The game looks full of pleasing puzzles that play with the day and night cycles and has that irresistible retro aesthetic that's impossible to dislike. Boulanger also told GamesRadar that some of the games that influenced his approach to the game were Chrono Trigger, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Illusion of Gaia and even Mass Effect and Monkey Island. 

The game is a way off being released but is being developed for PC and console. 

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