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RIP: The Resi characters that croaked it

Unless you’re a rookie cop on his first day on the job, a woman in a comically inappropriate cocktail dress or an ex con with nothing to lose, chances are you’re going to die in Resident Evil. Horribly. Want to know about every significant death in the Resi series? You’ve come to the right place. The following list of big, fat death reveals how each character met their maker, whether it was by zombie, tyrant or erm… feral crow.

Edward Dewey

Who? STARS Bravo team’s co-pilot

Cause of death: Killed by Cerberus dogs at the start of the game. Bad dog! Where's a rolled up newspaper when you need one?

James Marcus

Who? One of the original founding members of Umbrella, he was one of the key people involved in developing the T-virus.

Cause of death: After morphing into a hideous T-virus-infected abomination he makes Billy Coen’s day by eating the fatal lead from his magnum.

Enrico Marini

Who? Leader of STARS Bravo team.

Cause of death: About to tell Chris Redfield that Albert Wesker is a traitor, the shades-wearing baddie shoots Enrico from the shadows to prevent him from spilling the secret.

Forest Speyer

Who? Bravo team’s crack shot.

Cause of death: Wins the award for the most humiliating Resi death. He’s killed by a murder of crows. How apt.

Kenneth Sullivan

Who? Bravo’s team biologist.

Cause of death: Has the proud distinction of being the first person in the series to be nibbled to death by a zombie

Kevin Dooley

Who? Pilot for STARS Bravo team

Cause of death: Unknown. What a tease

Joseph Frost

Who? STARS Alpha team’s vehicle expert.

Cause of death: Another poor soul who falls victim to Cerberus dogs. The next pooch we see is getting a one way trip to the vet

Richard Aiken

Another member of STARS Alpha team, he’s an expert in communications and being eaten.

Cause of death: Depending on your choices, he’s either eaten by Yawn, a giant snake or scoffed by Neptune, an equally giant shark.

Annette Birkin

Who? Scientist and wife of William Birkin, the creator of the G-Virus.

Cause of death: Love. Or, more accurately, being brutally murdered by her hubby after he turned into a tyrant

Ben Bertolucci

A freelance journalist who does his best to rake up dirt on the corrupt Chief Irons. He provides Leon S. Kennedy with information during the Raccoon City incident.

Cause of death: Locks himself in a police cell for safety, only to be found and killed by the infected William Birkin

Brian Irons

Who? Raccoon City’s Chief of Police who is mired in corruption and sexual assault allegations.

Cause of death: Killed when William Birkin shoots a G-virus embryo straight down his throat, which later tears him apart. Strange, considering Capcom gave Irons a mouth that was permanently closed

Robert Kendo

Who? A close friend of the don of dire dialogue Barry Burton, Kendo owns a gun store in Raccoon City.

Cause of death: Eaten by a group of zombies who break into his shop. Do these undead folk have no respect for the concept of private property

William Birkin

Who? The brilliant scientist who created the G-virus, an offshoot of the original T-virus.

Cause of death: Turns into a tyrant after injecting himself with the G-virus. The ‘G’ monster continually morphs throughout Resi 2, the final iteration dieing in a train explosion.