RIP: The Resi characters that croaked it

Cause of death: Dies off-screen trying to escape from the warehouse. The culprits? Rowdy teens. OK, it was zombies.

Mikhail Victor

Who? Leader of the UBCS Delta platoon. A selfless leader, he fights even when badly wounded.

Cause of death: Carks it trying to blow the Nemesis up with his grenade.

Murphy Seeker

Who? A former sniper for the Marines.

Cause of death: He’s infected with the T-virus and is either shot by Carlos Oliveira or Nicholai Ginovaef depending on your choices.

Nicholai Ginovaef

Who? A member of the UBCS, the Russian was sent to Raccoon city to gather combat data on Umbrella’s beasties.

Cause of death: Depending on your choices, he’s either killed by the Nemesis or Jill blows him up with a rocket launcher when he’s piloting a helicopter.

Tyrell Patrick

Who? Another member of the UBCS, he too was sent to gather data about all Umbrella’s nasties

Cause of death: Score one for not being killed by zombies. Minus ten for being killed horribly by explosives.

Steve Burnside

Who? The son of an Umbrella employee, he is an inmate of the Rockford Island facility, but escapes, aiding Claire Redfield in her quest while trying to get into her pants.

Cause of death: Skewered by one of Alexia Ashford’s tentacles.

Alfred Ashford

Who? Manager of the Rockford Island facility and part of the seminally shady Ashford family. In his spare time he likes to nurse a split personality disorder, dressing up and pretending to be his sister.

Cause of death: Shot by Steve Burnside.

Alexia Ashford

Who? Alfred’s twin sister, she was genetically engineered by her father. She injects herself with the T-Veronica virus before placing herself in a 15 year coma. Remerges as a hideous morphing monster.

Cause of death: Turns into the world’s biggest bug before Chris Redfield makes her explode by shooting her bloated, volatile stomach.

Bitores Mendez

Who? Saddler’s flunkie and owner of a decidedly sinister, flasher-esque trench coat.

Cause of death: Pesky Leon S. Kennedy and a whole lot of bullets.

Jack Krauser

Who? A mercenary hired to recover a Las Plagas sample for Albert Wesker. He was an old team-mate of Leon’s.

Cause of death: After seemingly being shot dead by Leon, he’s shot even deader by Ada Wong in the Separate Ways minigame.

Luis Sera

Who? Despite looking like a male undercrackers model, Luis is actually a researcher who helped develop the Las Plagas parasite. Aids Leon at various points in Resi 4

Cause of death Impaled by William Saddler’s, disturbingly phallic, mutated tail of death. Staves off the Grim Reaper long enough to impart conveniently useful information to Leon.


Above: An artist's rendition of Mike's tragic demise

Who? Helicopter pilot who attempts to rescue Leon

Cause of death: Shot down with a rocket launcher by a one of Saddler’s minions. Oh Mike, we barely knew ye.

Osmund Saddler

Who? The man in charge of the Los Illuminados cult and the main baddie of the game. Aims to take over the world with his little parasitic buggers.

Cause of death: The combination of Leon and a corking-sized rocket launcher are too much for Saddler to survive, even in his horribly mutated form.

Ramon Salazar

Who? Filthy rich, diminutive man-child who worships Los Illuminados. Kidnaps Ashley Graham. A lot.

Cause of death Mutates into a hideous screen-filling boss before eating lead-endorsed death at the hands of Leon.

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Mar 12, 2009

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