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Rhythm Heaven Fever trailer spreads love via monkeys and seals

Do you love cute monkeys? How about seals? How do you feel about baboons and golf? Japanese pop music and quick reflexes? And most importantly, do you still own a working Wii? If so, this trailer for February’s Rhythm Heaven Fever should interest you. And if you don’t like cute seals and monkeys, we have to say you sound like a troubled person. Perhaps this trailer will help you.

One of the few major Nintendo releases currently planned for the Wii, Rhythm Heaven Fever has been out in Japan for months and is finally coming to the US. With 50-plus minigames built around catchy pop songs, it’s hardly as dense as Skyward Sword, but if it’s anywhere near as addicting as the DS version, we’re picking up our Wii Remote in heartbeat. The game hits US stores February 13, while the UK release date remains unclear.

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