Red Dead Redemption's Free Roam multiplayer exposed

Like in Grand Theft Auto IV's Free Mode,Free Roam enables groups of players to do pretty much whatever they want, using the entire game world as a vast playground/multiplayer lobby. Unlike in GTA IV, however, there's a little more structure for those who want it; players can form eight-man posses, the leader of which can direct them around the map using waypoints. It's also possible to pick fights with law enforcement, or to venture into hunting areas, wherein waves of animals will rush and attempt to kill you and your heavily armed friends.

Alternately, you could just turn on each other, get randomly violent or wander off on your own while you wait for the next game to start; Red Dead isn't going to force its rules on you, man. But there'll be plenty more options available to you than that. Hit the trailer to see it all for yourself.

Apr 8, 2010