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Red Dead Redemption - Life in the West

Liberty City with Bears! That’s a genuinely enthusiastic way we’ve taken to describing Red Dead Redemption. Sure, Rockstar’s whipped their traditional brand of stank on the fledging cities, where you’ll find missions, gamble, engage in commerce, or simply dispense some hot-leaded justice.

Above: Everything the light touches, is your kingdom

Yet, it’s the spaces in between that are the very definition of "lawless." True to the times, just because these vast landscapes are devoid of all civility doesn’t mean they’re not teeming with cool shit to do.

Our favorite part about the game thus far is the vicious unpredictability that occurs in between the dusty towns generally associated withtraditional Western games, which the trailerabove does a great job showcasing. Moving from dusty towns to snowcapped mountainsides, you’ll encounter all manner of thieves, rustlers, as well as some violent runoff from a Mexican civil war.

Above: Wearing a cougar Bracelet

Best of all, the frontier is populated by majestic beasts with a thirst for your blood. Bears, buffalo, cougars, coyotes, pigs- you name it. Hunt them, eat them, and sell their pelts for cash. Not surewhy, but it’s the throwback to Oregon Trail alone that has us ridiculously excited for Red Dead Redemption, currently set forrelease in mid May. Read more about the gamehere.

Mar 17, 2010