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[REC] Apocalypse Blu-ray review

A horror fourquel.

After two great horror movies, and a bizarrely comic threequel, Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza’s [REC] franchise closes with comparative disappointment. Working alone this time, Balagueró moves the infected action to a quarantine ship, swaps found footage for CCTV, and utilises iffy CGI (the practical FX are still beautiful) to pit series protagonist Manuela Velasco against a boatload of monster marines.

Though watchable, it’s a little bit Under Siege, lacking the pace and (black) magic of its forebears. A decent Making Of details Balagueró’s struggles, but 2011’s Sleep Tight shows his real skill.


  • Making Of

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Blu-ray release2 March 2015
DirectorJaume Balaguer
Starring"Manuela Velasco","Paco Manzanedo","Javier Laorden"
Available platformsMovie