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Rainbow Six Siege sets a new Steam concurrent record of over 200,000 simultaneous players

Rainbow Six Siege
(Image credit: Rainbow Six Siege)

Thanks to a free-to-play event and a brand-new season of content, Rainbow Six Siege has broken its own concurrent user record on Steam.

Even though the shooter released way back in 2015, this weekend saw the latest installment of Ubisoft's FPS series break its own record for simultaneous players, clocking up an astonishing 201,503 concurrent users over the weekend.

According to SteamDB, that's more concurrent users than it's ever had before, and significantly beating the previous record of 199,307 users set back in March 2020 (thanks, PCGN).

ICYMI, Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 is here, kicking off with the Crimson Heist seasonal event that introduces new attacker Flores from Argentina, and a rework of the existing Border map.

As for what's next? Year 6 season two will introduce an unannounced character from the Nakoda Nations, along with a rework of the Favela map, while season three adds one character from Croatia and reworks three existing maps. Season four rounds out Year 6 with an operator from Ireland, and will rework the Outback map.

Ubisoft also introduced a raft of minor and QoL gameplay adjustments in Rainbow Six Siege Year 6, too. A new secondary weapon, the Gonne-6, has been added, along with the ability for players to control their cameras and gadgets even after their death. In the preparation phase before a match kicks off, you can change character as many times as you please, and finally, all armor will be switched to health, giving players a better grasp of their durability.

For everything you need to know about Ubisoft's other current planned launch in the Rainbow Six franchise, head over to our Rainbow Six Quarantine - or Parasite - guide for more.

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