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PS5 pre-orders in Australia: keep checking these stores for PlayStation 5 stock

PS5 pre-orders
(Image credit: Sony)

The initial PS5 pre-order batch sold out straight away, but we'll tell you which retailers are most likely to get more PS5 stock again. We do believe that we'll see stores get random stock in the runup to release day, so don't give up hope quite yet. We will of course be updating this page with news of fresh PS5 pre-orders when we find it or when our sources at retailers give us a heads up.

Sony has apologised for PS5 pre-order issues and is promising more stock is on the way. With that in mind, be sure to camp on the retailer pages linked below and hit 'refresh' every now and then to see if you get lucky.

We're checking these links every day to keep you updated on the Ps5 pre-order situation from the most reliable retailers. Our team of deal hunters has covered console launches for years now, so you're in good hands.

Want to know how much you should have squirreled away for launch day? The PS5 price is AU$749 for the standard console, while the PS5 Digital Edition (no disc-drive here) is set at AU$599. Both PlayStation 5 systems will be released on November 12 in Australia.

Australian retailers for PS5 pre-orders

Amazon AU (SOLD OUT)
The biggest retailer in the world is currently taking pre-orders for the PS5: it's AU$749 (as you'd expect) with free shipping - no Prime membership required. Pre-orders for the premium priced console are already sold out on Amazon, and it's the same for the AU$599.95 PS5 Digital Edition. Of course, being an online retailer, you can't go and pick it up on launch day, so you'll need to cross your fingers they can get it to you on November 12.View Deal

Sony Online (SOLD OUT)
You could always pre-order a PS5 direct from the source: the Sony online store is offering pre-orders at the usual RRP (like everyone else at this stage) and shipping is free of charge. There's a transaction limit of one unit per customer, but sadly, they're currently sold out.

Australia's big bricks and mortar outlet had PS5 pre-orders live, and they were asking for a much smaller deposit than some of the competition. The problem is: they've sold out. Once they open again, you'll need to pay AU$50 upfront.

EB Games (shipping in 2021)
EB Games had its powder well and truly ready, and managed to beat all other Aussie retailers to the punch with their PS5 pre-orders, and have since sold out on launch shipments: if you go with them now, you won't receive a console until 2021. There's also an exorbitant AU$200 deposit, although there's also the opportunity to get either PS5 console for cheaper if you want to trade in your PS4 Pro or PS4 Slim.

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PS5 pre-orders - bundle deals

PS5 pre-orders

(Image credit: Sony / Insomniac)

Let's face it, any console pre-order or purchase is going to be made far more attractive if you can find a bundle with a great launch game, or one you're really excited about. PS5 pre-orders have only just opened, and currently there are no pre-order bundle deals in Australia. We know that there are plenty of upcoming PS5 games hitting shelves later in the year, and we'll keep this page updated if any sweet bundles are announced.

Unfortunately, we're not exactly certain which games would be included. We've got some hopes, though. We'd be looking out for consoles that comes with Assassin's Creed Valhalla or Cyberpunk 2077. Because they're this summer's biggest releases, it's a safe bet that they'll be paired with the console. Similarly, the PS5-exclusive Spider-Man: Miles Morales is another shoe-in. Just don't expect a big saving. That's rare for launch bundles, and it's much more likely that a game's cost will simply be added on top of the standard PlayStation 5 price.

What about bundles with digital games, though, particularly with the PS5 Digital Edition? That seems equally nailed on to some degree as it'll be straightforward to throw in codes for games (plus, it'll be absolutely necessary given the console's lack of a disc drive). If there are any discounts to be had, we bet this is where you'll find them.

Before we wrap things up, let's not forget about PS5 bundles that add in hardware as opposed to software. We know that there will be a bunch of PS5 accessories releasing at the same time, and there will certainly be demand for bundles that throw in the 3D Pulse audio headset or another DualSense PS5 controller.

Keep checking back here for more updates. When PS5 pre-orders do go live, we'll be on-hand to help out and point you in the right direction.