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PS3 launch: Why we're hot for PS3

PS Network won't just be a dumping ground for old games
If God of War creator David Jaffe's Calling All Cars is anything to go by, Sony knows exactly why we love retro games. It's because of their simple, instantly rewarding gameplay and lack of brainbag-bothering complexities.

But downloadable games don't have to be retro revivals, and PS Network ought to be a breeding ground for fresh, immediate gaming that isn't replicated in 16-bit colour. Potentially we could see lots more big name developers, like Jaffe, bringing smaller-scale projects to Sony's online arcade.

Sure, it's grand to relive the old days - or find out what you were missing - but what we really want are modern classics, games that use today's technological trickery but with all the appealing straightforwardness of early gaming masterpieces. By updating timeless ideas with superb looks, PS Network could play host to experiences that'll make you thrilled by the present, not the past.


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