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PlayStation Phone prototype benchmarked at 24.4 frames-per-second

A new video of a prototype for Sony Ericsson's PlayStation Phone (aka the Zeus Z1) has surfaced, showing you how the device may perform as a gaming platform. According to the Neocore benchmark app, games run at an average of 24.4 frames-per-second. It's a long ways away from the gold standard of 60 frames-per-second, but it's important to take the numbers with a heaping mountain of salt. The software for the device in the video is not final – and the hardware probably isn’t either. Still, it's a nice sneak peak at what you can expect to see as the new smart phone, which is scheduled to launch in March of 2011. Check out the video below.

Above: A prototype of Sony Ericsson's PlayStation Phone (Zeus Z1) running games at an average of 24.4 frames-per-second

Above: The slide out game pad in action

Dec 11, 2010