Pet Alien: An Intergalactic Puzzlepalooza review

The perfect puzzle game for players young enough to have trouble reading this sentence


  • The idea is pretty solid
  • Fair looks and animation
  • 80 levels


  • Incredibly easy
  • No multiplayer
  • One-sentence story

Oct 17, 2007

It’s definitely a rare skill to be able to craft a puzzle game that’s actually easy enough for preteens. Unfortunately, someone at developer Shin’en has that exact gift. Pet Alien would be a legitimately decent puzzler if it weren’t for the fact that anyone with a double-digit age will smoke through its 80 levels in two, maybe three, hours flat.

Attempting to save your human “owner” from space kidnappers, you’re given a cast of five aliens, each of whom has a different ability. The big pink ape can smash ice cubes and cracked walls, the purple dog thing can squeeze through narrow gaps and grab things with its frog-like tongue, the purple bird can fly over mines, the green guy can run up conveyor belts, and the bug-headed blue guy is the only one smart enough to push a crate – remember, we said each had an “ability”, not a “super power”.

More Info

DescriptionThis sorta-fun puzzle game makes up in number of levels for what it lacks in just about everything else. Leave this one to the kiddies.
US censor ratingEveryone
Release date14 September 2007 (US), 14 September 2007 (UK)